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La Paz Waterfall Gardens

La Paz Waterfall GardensWhen you think about Costa Rica, you probably imagine lush tropical Rain Forests, flowing white rivers, spectacular waterfalls, birds, butterflies and flowers. At La Paz Waterfall Gardens, you will see all that and more.

With over 3.5 kilometers of walking trails, Waterfall Gardens is primarily a self-guided tour allowing our visitors to proceed directly to their areas of interest, such as the Butterfly Observatory, Hummingbird Garden, Serpentarium, Frog Exhibit, Tica House, Trout Lake and our bird watching areas, . However, we highly recommend guided tour to receive the most information and impact from your visit.

"What if it rains?" This is the Rainforest for goodness sake! Seriously, sometimes it does rain here and sometimes it doesn't stop! However, we do offer raincoats for sale and our trails are designed so you will have places to stop and take cover. However, we do not offer 'rain days' for paid tours.



As you wander the trails of La Paz Waterfall Gardens your senses will delight at the five waterfalls that line the trail. Originally, the only way one could view the falls was by literally hanging over the side of the mountain, looking through trees and ferns, not very inviting for picture taking. With the construction of Waterfall Gardens, guests are afforded views from platforms above, below and in front of the falls for great photo opportunities.



An on-site laboratory is a breeding ground for the countless fluttering species. It offers an interesting perspective into the stages of development of the most colorful species in Costa Rica. With over 4,000 of the flighty creatures in the observatory at any one time, guests will be delighted by a possible butterfly kiss, or two. Since Waterfall Gardens is located in the Rainforest, we have made adjustments to our observatory by adding a covered viewing area near the laboratory. This addition allows our guests to see the butterflies no matter what Mother Nature has in mind for the weather. Our laboratory allows guests to see the butterflies up close as they emerge from their cocoons or in other stages of their growth. As you might know, butterflies are tuned into the inclement weather, rain clouds or not, they will head for cover at the slightest hint of rain. Our on-site guides will walk you through the observatory, pointing out eggs, caterpillars and the camouflaged chrysalises.


hummingbirdHummingbird Garden

Our Hummingbird Garden attracts 24 different species of the birds, more species than any other in Costa Rica and quite possibly the world. Approximately 57 different hummingbirds have been reportedly seen in Costa Rica and it is possible to see over 40% of them here!



Our museum quality Serpentarium exhibits 30 of the most beautiful and deadly snakes of Costa Rica.  The exhibition puts you face to face with such famous snakes as the Bushmaster, Terciopelo, Green Vinesnake, and Golden Eyelash Viper to name just a few.



Our Frog Exhibit has received rave reviews from our visitors.  Our mini-rainforest is enclosed but the frogs are not and you can see and photograph them in their natural habitat.  Our collection includes the most famous frogs of the Central American Rainforest including the Red Eyed Tree Frog, the Flying Frog and various species of Poison Dart Frogs.  Each night guests are invited to handle the friendly Leaf-frogs during their most active period.  You won't want to miss this truly un'frog'ettable experience



Enjoy life as it was a hundred years ago in our Casita de la Paz. This unique reproduction was built using only the tools available to the average farmer a century ago.  Step back in time and taste some fresh milk (right from the cow), take a ride in an ox-driven cart, sample freshly made tortillas and see how the Ticos lived and worked on rural farms.


Trout lake

Fishing anyone?  Cast a line in our two level Trout Lake.  Catch dinner or just have some fun!  The Big Trout Bar is a great place to have lunch, meet other guests over cocktails, relax in between hikes or exchange fish stories. The deck is a great place to lie in the sun or take a dip in one of our two Jacuzzis.

What should you bring? FILM OR DIGITAL MEMORY CARD WITH A LOT SPACE!! No, that's just our biased opinion. We recommend wearing comfortable walking shoes (preferably with a thick tread for hiking the trails and hundreds of stairs), shorts or comfortable pants and a lightweight jacket or raincoat. Please keep in mind that the park ranges in altitude from 5,200 feet to 4,200 feet so it can get chilly when the clouds roll in.

Price: $115, minimum of 4 people for this tour.
Includes lunch
Tour departs at 8:00am
Departure point: Hotel Lobby


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