Extra Services for your wedding

Photographer, Videographer & Officiant


We highly recommend hiring a professional photographer and videographer for your wedding. We recommend the following company for photography: Lifetime Digital Imaging: www.weddings.co.cr

We do not have any affiliation with this company.  We just find that his work is excellent and the team is very reliable.   You will need to pay the photographer directly.  The fee cannot be charged to your hotel room.


If you're interested in a complete multimedia package with both professional photos and videography, we highly recommend the services of Jonathan Yonkers, whose wedding cinematography at the Springs Resort & Spa can be previewed on our Weddings Home Page.



Marrying in Costa Rica is often easier than marrying in the states.  You do not have to be in the country for any specific amount of time and the ceremony is legal worldwide.  However, you will need to contact the officiant prior to your trip to Costa Rica.

We recommend Marcelo Galli for the ceremony.  He charges $700 to produce all of the paperwork, perform the ceremony, file the paperwork, translate and send you the documents once they have been processed.  He speaks excellent English and performs a very nice ceremony.  The paperwork can take up to 12 weeks to be processed.  Please keep in mind, you will need to pay him directly and he only accepts checks or cash. Contact Marcelo at mgallitaylor@gmail.com. If you are renewing your vows, the fee is $450.

Please keep in mind, you will need to hire and pay the photographer and officiant directly and they only accept checks or cash.


Those Little Extras

  • Romance Package: $150
    After your ceremony, and upon returning to your hotel room, you will be greeted with “Romance”.  We will fill your room with rose petals, candles, romantic music, champagne and chocolate.

  • Hair and Makeup: $150
    We do have a makeup artist/hairdresser that we can provide for you.  We suggest bringing a photo of how you would like your hair arranged.  If you would like to have a 'trial' for your hair and makeup, the price is half that amount ($75).  Please let us know if you are interested in this service as we will need to make arrangements prior to your arrival.